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Voice overs

Professional voice overs in dozens of languages

The quantity of video and audio material in the world is growing exponentially. More and more businesses are using multimedia content to promote their products, train their staff or inform their customers. And in our increasingly international business world, this content often needs to be translated.

AVB Translations not only ensures your text is translated, but we can also record the translated voice overs for you. We have a huge network of professional voice-over artists and specialist voice over agencies who can record your copy in all kinds of languages. And of course, the quality is every bit as high as you’ve come to expect from AVB.

You can call upon our voice over artists for all kinds of texts, including e-learning modules, advertising copy, corporate videos and much, much more. We ensure the audio files are delivered to you in the desired format (WAV, MP3, AVI etc.) with the desired bit rate and frequency and in mono or stereo. The files will be split into subfiles as desired and delivered to you ready to use.

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