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Our translation services

Translation: our core competency

Since 1972, AVB Translations has primarily been a high-quality translation agency. Although our emphasis is on specialist legal and financial translations, we also frequently provide technical, medical and creative translations, as well as translations for the retail sector. Companies from the travel and tourism sector also regularly call upon our translation services.
Juridische Vertaling

Legal translations

Fast, accurate and ethical. Our legal translators are at your service 24/7 and follow clear procedures.

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Financiële vertalingen

Financial translations

From accountancy to tax law, different financial fields differ hugely from each other. We find a native translator with exactly the right financial specialisation.

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Vertaal specialisaties

Other specialisations

This ensures 100% accuracy and ensures your message always gets across. We have the right specialist for every conceivable text and field.

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I need a translation.

A whole world of language services

Looking for a specialist in an obscure language? We can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients.
Do you often need similar documents translated? If so, terminology management can save you time and money by defining and managing specific translations.
Whatever message you want to get across, our writers and editors will provide a flawless end result.
Need an interpreter? For every specialist field and language combination, we have the right interpreter for you.
Formatting, multilingual DTP and unusual texts are a walk in the park. On-screen or in print.
Flowing, accurate and convincing. Our native speakers hit the right tone in every language.