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Every sector needs translators with specific expertise, be it technical, medical or creative. AVB Translations has a database full of experts in all fields. We are all united in our focus on quality, transparency and reliability.

Technical translations

From the chemical industry to the aerospace sector, AVB Translations can provide technical translation experts in every conceivable field. Each is an expert with professional experience in the technical sector, so they’re fully fluent in the specific jargon.

Medical translations

Medical translations are a complex process in which precision and consistency is of utmost importance. To our clients, such as the Netherlands Forensic Institute and a wide range of teaching hospitals, we guarantee that only medical experts with specialist translation skills are permitted to translate their documents.

Creative translations

Compelling, enthralling, enticing. Creative texts and marketing material often focuses on a very specific target group or objective. Our specialist translators know the tricks of the trade and will go the extra mile to ensure they get your core message across. They regularly keep in contact for feedback and checks. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Our methods have ensured satisfied customers for over 40 years.

I need a translation

AVB Translations has the right specialists for any assignment! We’d be happy to tell you exactly what we offer or provide a quote with no obligations.

A whole world of language services

Looking for a specialist in an obscure language? We can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients.
Do you often need similar documents translated? If so, terminology management can save you time and money by defining and managing specific translations.
Whatever message you want to get across, our writers and editors will provide a flawless end result.
Need an interpreter? For every specialist field and language combination, we have the right interpreter for you.
Formatting, multilingual DTP and unusual texts are a walk in the park. On-screen or in print.
Flowing, accurate and convincing. Our native speakers hit the right tone in every language.