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Multimedia translation

AVB provides language services in the area of image and sound.

Desktop publishing (DTP)
AVB Translations specialises in translation. However, translation alone doesn’t always provide you with a ready-to-use document such as a brochure, manual or flyer. Many DTP agencies offer layout of translated documents in major languages such as English, French and German. However, when you add a different alphabet to the mix (e.g. Russian, Chinese or Greek), or even a completely different writing direction (Hebrew or Arabic), then most standard agencies have to throw in the towel.

For assignments like these, AVB is the company to call. We have an in-house DTP expert and work together with specialist suppliers in all exotic languages. This means that we can lay out your translated documents in InDesign, FrameMaker or Word and we also work with graphical formats such as EPS, JPG, GIF and TIF in tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Audio and video
Audio and video are playing an increasingly important role in the communication world as a whole, and therefore also in the field of multilingual communication. In this regard, AVB Translations is way ahead of the game, as we have offered translation services relating to audio and video for many years. We have vast experience in providing voice-overs in all kinds of languages, supplied as ready-to-use files in the desired audio file format. Our voice-over artists work in professional studios and are always native speakers of the language in question.

AVB can also assist you with international video productions. For example, we regularly translate subtitles for e-learning materials and corporate videos, amongst other resources. We also work with experienced specialists who can integrate translated voice-overs into e-learning courses or video footage.

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Monitored translation quality

For decades, we have focused strongly on quality control to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.
Juridische Vertaling

ISO 17100 certification

Since the beginning of 2016, AVB has been certified according to the new ISO 17100 standard. ISO 17100:2015 is a new, global quality standard for the provision of translation services. However, AVB worked according to a fixed quality-control process long before this standard ever existed. These process steps have since been certified and they function as guidelines when structuring our translation processes and services. Independent KIWA auditors have confirmed that the methods we use to monitor and guarantee the quality of the translation process are fully compliant with the strict requirements set by this quality standard. Every year, our processes are reassessed to ensure they still meet the demands of ISO 17100. Our quality is therefore subject to continual external monitoring.

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Financiële vertalingen

Experienced project managers

To guarantee quality, we have divided the translation process into a number of distinctive steps. Within this process, we have built in a number of checks that ensure consistent translation quality. An experienced project manager supervises the entire process. He/she conducts the initial analysis of the document, selects the best translator for the job, ensures an independent proofreader is engaged and carries out a pre-delivery check.

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Vertaal specialisaties

Quality control supported by technology

To achieve the highest possible level of quality, our translators make use of CAT software. CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation. It’s a virtual toolbox for translators. One of the most important tools is the QA module. This part of the package compares the source and target texts and searches for omissions, inconsistencies in translated words/terms, miscalculations, formatting errors and incorrect punctuation. These are errors that humans often miss, but technology detects them without fail.

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