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Other rules and standards apply to written translation than to spoken translation (interpretation). Interpreters have only one chance to get it right and often have to work in high-pressure situations. It is also important that interpreters behave in a professional and social manner, so although interpreting skills are essential, they are not enough on their own.

Over the decades, AVB Translations has recruited countless interpreters: selecting them, testing them, and upon approval, adding them to the database. We recruit interpreters for all kinds of language combinations and professional fields. They are always people who are not only experts at what they do but also have the skills to adapt to the social context.

Whether you require linguistic support when executing a mortgage deed, a team of interpreters and interpreting equipment for a major conference or assistance for a lawyer during a discussion with a foreign client, AVB has the right professionals for every situation.

Examples of the types of interpreting assignments we regularly conduct:

  • Conference interpreters (for large events with interpreting booths);
  • Whispering interpreters (for small events without interpreting booths);
  • Conversation interpreters (e.g. for visits by foreign delegates, lawyer-client conversations etc.);
  • Court interpreters (for interpreting legal proceedings);
  • Notarial interpreters (for support during the execution of notarial deeds).

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