Welkom bij AVB vertalingen

Dutch translations by Dutch experts

Imagine you are a vendor manager at an international Multi-Language Vendor (MLV) or a localization manager inside a global corporation. The Dutch translations you are currently sourcing are just not good enough. You are looking for an experienced, flexible and most of all reliable partner for Dutch localization, and have tried almost everything to find one. You can stop looking now. AVB has served thousands of customers in more than 40 years time. Since day one, our focus has been on keeping promises, quality of service and product, and customer satisfaction. By streamlining our processes and selecting high-quality, yet cost-efficient Dutch linguists we have managed to keep our prices low.

Internal and external expertise

Over the years, we have built up a huge and solid database of high-quality free-lance translators for many areas of expertise and language combinations. We have over 500 translators translating from 80+ languages into Dutch, over 200 translating from English into Dutch. Also we have the same number translating from Dutch into 50+ target languages.

And then there is our top-notch team of highly experienced project managers and linguists. They provide the backbone for our SLV operation. Preparing the work, translating & reviewing the content, and making sure the files that go to the customer are double-checked linguistically and technically. Where necessary we use automated QA tools to put deliverables to the final test. As a result, complaints from our customers are rare, and if they do occur we resolve them quickly and efficiently.