Welkom bij AVB vertalingen

Domain specialists for Dutch translations

When you have been in business for over four decades, you learn a thing or two. We have learned to find the best domain specialists for the many areas of expertise in which we operate. Traditionally, our core areas of expertise have always been:

  • legal
  • finance
  • marketing
  • technical translation

But we also boast excellent translations in the areas of:

  • IT
  • life science
  • automotive
  • transcreation

We certainly offer other domains too, but feel most comfortable in the areas mentioned. And we don’t just do translation, we are also ready to do reviews, copy editing, copywriting, MT post-editing, glossary creation & terminology management, SEO translation, multilingual DTP, linguistic QA, translation alignment, etc. Again, through years of finding, vetting and selecting the right people for those types of work.

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