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Rates for Dutch SLV projects

No, we are not the cheapest supplier of Dutch translations. But we are very cost-efficient. Count on us for great service, excellent quality and extreme reliability. We do what we say we do, and do it on time. Below  is our rate chart with prices in euros and dollars.

TaskSource languageTarget languageMin. rate EURMin. rate USD
User assistance (user guides, Help,…) (Translation, Edit, Proof (TEP))EnglishDutch€.12 p/w*$.135 p/w
Software, marketing, specialist materials (Translation, Edit, Proof (TEP))EnglishDutch€.14 p/w*$.16 p/w
Other source languages (Translation, Edit, Proof (TEP))OtherDutch€.13 p/w*$.145 p/w
MT post-editingEnglishDutch€.06 p/w**$.07 p/w
Hourly work (editing, terminology, QA, …)anyany€35 p/h***$4o p/h

* Translation rates depend on subject matter, volume, file format/CAT tool involved, and turn-around time.
** MT post-editing rates depend on quality of raw MT output, expected delivery quality and turn-around time.
*** Hourly rates depend on type of work, turnaround times and language combination

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