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Copywriting & text editing

AVB is your ideal partner for perfectly written and edited texts.


Copywriting is an art unto itself, even more so than translation. The challenge is to write copy that optimally appeals to your target audience’s imagination. Catchy, enticing, flowing and informative: criteria that most original copy simply has to meet. The copywriters at AVB Translations understand this art like no other, even in languages other than Dutch.

You can call upon our copywriting services in a huge range of foreign languages. AVB Translations has access to an army of copywriters covering your every possible need: advertising, brochure copy, web copy, technical manuals, you name it!

Editing and proofreading

Even if you write copy yourself, you may want to have it checked by a specialist proofreader or editor. Naturally, AVB Translations has the perfect professionals to optimise the readability of your text and eliminate any errors. This results in professional texts that make the desired impression on your target audience. You give us the basic outline and we take care of the fine details.

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AVB Translations’ other language services

Do you often need similar documents translated? If so, terminology management can save you time and money by defining and managing specific translations.
This has been our core business since 1972. Click this box for more information about our translation services.
Need an interpreter? For every specialist field and language combination, we have the right interpreter for you.
Multilingual DTP and translation of your audio and video content. Trust AVB to get it done.
Flowing, accurate and convincing. Our native speakers hit the right tone in every language.