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Medical Translations

Medical texts translated to perfection

You’d rather not take any risks with your medical translations. Hospitals, pharmacists, or medical specialists simply can’t afford to make mistakes. After all, sloppy work can cost lives.

Because of this, you are always clear and precise when communicating with users, co-workers or other intermediaries. So it makes sense for you to expect the same level of focus and accuracy from your translators.

Made-to-measure methods

Our mission, as a translation agency, is to ensure that your medical text reaches the right translator for the job. No two medical translations are exactly alike, and translation professionals are many and varied.

Say you need to get a psychiatric report translated – we will select a translator for you who is fully conversant with the terminology in question. When it comes to package inserts, we use translators with a proven ability to deliver highly accurate work. Alternatively, in the case of patient information leaflets, we believe it is only right and proper to select medical translators with the demonstrated ability to formulate texts that really speak to specific target groups.

Experienced translators with a medical background

We place your medical translations in the capable hands of specialized translators with a medical background. We are familiar with the individual qualities of each and every one of our translators. We have become adept at recognizing competences due, in no small part, to more than 45 years of hands-on experience in translation project management.

As an extra guarantee that your translations will be completely flawless, every piece of translation work we produce is reviewed by a second translator – in this case, one with a medical background.

Medical translations with the personal touch

If you have any questions about a translation or a clear preference for a specific style of writing, we will be happy to discuss these matters with you. As a translation agency which focuses on the needs of our clients, we welcome your comments.

The option to give and receive feedback on our translations, free of charge, is part of our standard service package.

What does the ISO 17100 standard involve?

The international ISO 17100 certification is your guarantee that our translations meet the exacting requirements set by this quality standard. For instance, our project managers are all highly qualified linguists or translators, well able to meet your most complex service needs. 

Every year, AVB Translations is audited by KIWA (an independent testing and certification body)(link) to establish that we are still fully compliant with the ISO standard (link). In this way, our quality is repeatedly subject to external monitoring.

I have medical documents for translation

We have wide-ranging expertise in the fields of medical translation and medical interpreting. We’d be happy to fill in the details, or to draw up a non-binding offer for you. 

AVB Medical Translations in brief:

– dedicated medical desk
– ISO-17100 quality standard
– translators with medical expertise
– international accreditation processes

The material translated by AVB Medical Translations includes:

A wide range of medical documents for the public sector
Psychological and psychiatric reports
A variety of medical documents for companies in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors (monitoring and control equipment, drug discovery and development, and associated care solutions)
teaching materials for paramedical training
A wide range of documents for accreditation processes (we also provide interpreters for these processes!)